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When a Make-up Palette Become a Baby’s Chocolate Bar

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Every child wants chocolate and no one can resist of eating one. It can be plain, milk, dark, with almonds or raisins, or even with wine. Whatever it is from the word “chocolate” we all wanted to have as many as we can. But in this case make–up lover Lauren Rincon wasn’t expecting seeing her niece named Kaitlyn eating the Too Faced chocolate bar palette as it smells and looks like a real one. She twitted “my niece ate my too faced chocolate bar palette as it smells like chocolate I don’t know if I should cry or laugh”

Picture below showing her niece eating (what? Eating? Yes! Eating it is!) the too faced make up palette.

She had an updated post on twitter on the said incident and she said “update: after a million of q-tips & napkins later I was able to save my baby except for a few colors :/”

Wow she was worried about her palette, what about her niece? Well, she then added “Too Faced let me know that there isnt any harmful ingredients but we’ll definitely take her to the doctors if she shows any signs of sickness” “So yes I do care about my niece y’all chill”

Thats right Lauren! You go girl! We do hope Baby Kaitlyn is fine.

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