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The Last Few Minutes of a Man with His Dying Dog

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Experience is the best catalyst for change. As in the case of Jason Woods, a man who went to prison for the awful things he has done during his youth. But his experience in prison was not the real reason why he considered himself a changed man. His faithful and loyal dog, had been the principal reason behind Jason’s new outlook in life. Oden, never left his owner’s side and was with him the whole time. Oden bravely guarded, protected and loved his master unconditionally.

However, it was the day Oden, despite his unwavering loyalty could no longer endure the pain of his cancer. This tear jerking picture captured the perfect moment of the last few minutes of Wood’s emotional last day with his dog which he considers his best and loyal companion.

The footage follows Wood on his bicycle where rode from his place to pick up Oden from his friend’s house for the last visit to the vet. He narrates his final thoughts on how he changed for the better because of the kind of love he received from his Oden. He tearfully says “Your job is done here champ.” The candid and tearful words he said when he bid farewell to Oden will surely make you cry.

He holds Oden’s empty collar as he says,”God is love. God is the dog I held today,” as he walks home without Oden.

source : youtube

The musical score is perfectly in tuned to set the mood from the ambient sounds as Wood’s narrate his thoughts of his final moment with his dog which completely matched the atmosphere especially during the final scene.

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