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Kentucky Judge Allows Accused to Meet His 1-month Old Son

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Kentucky judge allows accused to meet his 1-month old son for the first time in her courtroom Kentucky judge Amber Wolf, a court judge in Jefferson County final words before adjourning a session in court held: “If you don’t tear up at this, then you’re just heartless.”

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Even an impartial judge of known probity and integrity has human emotions when Judge Amber Wolf, took some time to come out from her strict and indomitable attitude in allowing an accused man to see his newborn baby for the first time in her courtroom.

The accused, James Roeder, was charged with burglary with his wife Ashley as a co-defendant. Based on the criminal complaint, they were suspected of breaking into a warehouse and feloniously and intentionally stole six flat-screen television.

Ashley was pregnant and was near her full term of pregnancy when the two were tried. Upon commencement of the trial, Wolf issued a no-contact order for the couple. Ashley gave birth to their son and the child’s father, James hadn’t ever seen his child.

At a hearing Friday, Wolf apparently notice that Ashley, who was sitting at the back in the courtroom was trying to hold up their child so that James could see a glimpse of his son.

According to Wolf “I saw her try to hold the baby up when he came out for his case to be called with his attorney.” It then occurred to her that the child’s father might have not actually seen his child since his incarceration during the duration of the trial and that he was not going to get a chance to meet his son any time in the near future.

The judge then called James Roeder back in her courtroom but reminded the couple of their no-contact order and allowed James to hold and cuddle his child. After a brief blissful moment of having to embrace his son, James kissed the child and returned him back to his wife.

A teary eyed Wolf handed out tissues and said “give everybody some.”

After the couple were escorted out of her courtroom, she turned to the people still inside and said “if you all aren’t teared up, then you’re just heartless.”

Moreover, Wolf was even touched by her own act as she even referred to it as “probably one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

According to Wolf, she stepped down from her position as judge to and empathized as a fellow human being when she allowed a father to finally get to see his son. This is perhaps one of the greatest examples of restoring faith in humanity.

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