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Cool Subway Stunt by Gramps

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Elderly people are seen by many as physically incapable compared to the young ones. They are categorized as someone who falls into the persons with disabilities and pregnant women. Most governments worldwide provided them with special favors.

Those that didn’t belong yet to the senior citizen’s category abide with this rule. When we see a grandma or a grandpa paying bills, standing on a bus or a subway, majority offered their seats for them.

Meet Wayne McEntire, from Texas (68-year-old) who politely refused this kind of offer. On a subway where Mr. Wayne (not related to Bruce) was seen standing, one person offered to give a seat but he said no.

Wayne-McEntire Cool Subway Stunt by Gramps
source : huffingtonpost

Instead he made this incredible stunt that surprise the people around him.

Wayne-McEntire-stunt Cool Subway Stunt by Gramps
source : huffingtonpost

What he did is, he clings into a nearby pole and lift his legs into the air using his upper body strength.

“Someone offered my grandpa a preferred seat for elderly people on the subway and he did this.”

– Britton Barker (Mr. Wayne’s grandson)

Britton told in an interview that his grandpa goes to the gym every day and said, “His workouts are light weight, maximum rep because it’s better for his joints

He also added that his grandpa is “extremely outgoing and friendly, no matter the situation” so when he was offered the seat he “respectfully declined”.

“There was no hesitation of any sort or anything like that he just grabbed the pole and hoisted himself up right there for everyone to see.”

– Britton

With over 22,000 times retweeted, this grandpa aside from being cool is now an internet sensation.

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