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15+ Years Being Together, Now it’s Time to Say Good bye!

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Our life is just borrowed. Yes, it is true! We live in this world, yet we die if it is already our time. But the most important in our existence is how we made our lives worthy and meaningful before passing away.

A post was shared online about a cat that held the hands of his owners before dying and attracts the attention of cat-lover netizens. Little Andrew is a 15 years old and half cat that is loved by everyone in the family. The owner said that he knew it was already the cat’s time because of his age; 12-15 years old cat’s lifespan is said to be geriatric or very old. He is a sweet cat and purring everyday, until such time that he got old and sickly. They were on their way to the vet and his owner captured the moment of Andrew holding their hands. It was then his final visit to the vet and a goodbye to his family.

andrew-dying-cat-hold-owners-hand 15+ Years Being Together, Now it's Time to Say Good bye!
source : REDDIT / ABERNHA3

“He held our hands on his last trip to the vet. Little Andrew was much stronger than his mom and I,”

A lot of condolences were sent for Andrew and his family by netizens. They were not only lose a cat, but a friend and a member of their family who had been a part of their lives.

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