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Inspirational Beauty Vlogger

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Vloggers are rapidly taking toll in social media. Marimar Quiroa is no exception to that.

marimar-blogger Inspirational Beauty Vlogger

Marimar, 21, from California, is an inspirational vlogger who shares that inner beauty is far more important than physical features.

Marimar was born with a facial tumor called cystic hygroma. Growing up with a facial defect was difficult. But she got used to it and have been living a very positive life ever since. She recalled that she once hid her face because of the judgmental society, but now she proudly bares her beauty to million viewers.

She shares in her videos some make-up tutorials and communicates through sign language. Many may have been touched by her bold and inspiring move. But there are also some individuals who kept on discouraging and making fun of her. However, she isn’t affected at all.

family-Marimar-born-facial-tumor-cystic-hygroma Inspirational Beauty Vlogger

“When people say negative things to me, I either tell them to stop or just ignore them. But if people are staring at me, I stare right back and refuse to look away until they stop,” she narrated.

Aside from being a beauty vlogger, Marimar is also a Zumba instructor and now trains to be a teacher for deaf children.  And in the evening, she attends a beauty school. She is definitely an inspiring girl with all her jammed pack activities.

Marimar-born-facial-tumor-cystic-hygroma Inspirational Beauty Vlogger

Marimar explained that her condition doesn’t hold her back in any way. There is nothing she can’t do. She does not know what the future holds but she is very ready to embrace it with open arms.

She said, “I hope to get married someday and have a family, have my own beauty line, travel and teach people around the world about makeup and my life experience. It doesn’t matter how you look or how you feel about your body. Accept yourself, accept your image – that’s what matters.”

source : youtube

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