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Can You Dare To Eat These Cute Pokemon Burgers?

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Are you an avid fan of Pokemon? If yes, then you will be having doubts of eating this cute Pokemon that they will be serving at your tables.

Through the help of Down ‘N Out restaurant located at Sydney’s city center, you can now have the chance to eat churros which leveled up into pocket-monsters Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur; they called it Pokeburgs.

These pokeburgs, just like the Pokemon that have different characteristics and abilities, possess various ingredients and unique tastes as well.

Pikachu, because of its yellow color, it is filled with yummy cheese and potato strips.

Charmander, because of being a fire type pokemon, it is filled with spicy sauce which signifies its hotness.

Bulbasaur, being a water type pokemon, is very good for vegetarians because it is packed with various fresh vegetables.

Despite being attractive into customers’ eyes and tongues, these cute pokeburgs are not allowed for take-outs. Down ‘N Out is only offering these burgers for the diners eating in the establishment, to avoid any incidents cause from taking selfies while eating it on their cars to be posted on social media. Just like also the PokemonGo game, you cannot choose your order of who among these Pokemon you wanted to eat, better if you have a friend around so you could trade in. Orders will be served randomly, and it depends on who among them will be yours! Sounds exciting, right?

Unfortunately, these Pokeburgs will only be available on their menu until September 3. The rest of the days will then be like memories that you have eaten Pikachu or any of them once in your life.

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