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Train Passengers in Panic, Woman Let Loose of Crickets and Worms

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Insects are the creepiest thing on earth for several people. Most the game-shows are using insects, aside from elevated areas, to test the bravery of certain participants. Thus, insects are one of the hundred ways to measure how brave a person is. But for people who were only on a train who accidentally met the said challenge, will they be able to accept it well? or they will just run away and complain why it went through?

Released insects caused panic to NYC commuters during an evening rush hour. A woman brought insects inside a train where she packed crickets and worms inside a container.

A fellow commuter captured the whole scenario while the woman was having an argument with her fellow commuter. She was selling inside the train and during the argument, she picked up worms from her packed and shouted upon released. After losing the worms, she then screamed and picked up another container. Some of the passengers have been running to the other side of the train because of the worms being scattered over the area. She then became loud and constantly showing a container to the crowd, insisted people buy it until a teen beat her hand holding a container. Crickets, from the container, have been scattered all over the area and caused chaos to everyone. The woman then acted terribly as everyone had been running to the other side of the train.

After the hysterical event, the woman came back the day after next to claim that all have happened was just a stunt and a prank, that she was an actress who wanted to raise an awareness of how homeless people should be treated. The teen who also beat her hand was her co-actor too. She said that it no longer matters on how everything will react, as much as she did her job well. It was never her intention to make the train stop or to caused inconvenience to the commuters, but she no longer cares as much as everything was made fine and entertaining.

Police did not receive any complaint from the said hysteria but some of the passengers have been annoyed on what had happened. Eddie Going, one of the train’s passengers admitted that he was a bit pissed on the said scene and that all had happened was very inconvenient. “Pranks are one thing, I love a good prank. This was more than that. She planned on dumping the insects on people, she planned on causing mayhem, and chaos — she may not have planned on the emergency brake being pulled, but it was pulled. New Yorkers are good people, we’re good sports…but when you mess with our time, now you’re looking for trouble.”, he said.

Zaida Pugh, the woman on the train, was not arrested because police did not receive any complaint on what she had done, but she was taken to the hospital to be checked by a psychiatrist for her mental condition. Luckily, no one has been injured with the said panic.

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