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This Orangutan Knows Exactly What Flirting Is

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Everybody deserves a hug and a kiss!

This cheerful orangutan is an expert model who knows how to pose for the camera and even guides her Chinese visitor how to smile. It is clear that the girl can’t stop smiling while the orangutan plants a kiss in every camera pose.

This jolly creature knows how to flash that cutest smile and made different poses together with the shy girl. He leans over the girl’s shoulder and gave her a peck on the cheek. Then, he flashes another cheeky smile at the camera.

Just like a gentleman, the orangutan held the hand of the tourist and kissed her goodbye.

The video already had 2 million views and counting. Many were amazed by the orangutan’s sweet actions but some activist were quick to address their aversion about the video. They explained that orangutans or any animal should not be center of ridicule. Further, they said it is totally improper for tourists to support such exploitation.

source = youtube

What’s your personal take about the video?

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