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Lucky Girl Wins 1 year Supply of Free Pizza, Gives it to Charity

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Pizza! Anyone would wish to eat it every day! Kids, teenagers, adults, and everyone loves pizza! And if you will be given a chance to win a one-year supply of it, what will you do?

Hannah Spooner, the lucky girl who won a one year free supply of pizza from Little Ceasars, surely knows what to do about it. She simply won a 365 days unlimited pizza from a store and decided not to take any of it for an overwhelming reason.

little-caesars-pizza Lucky Girl Wins 1 year Supply of Free Pizza, Gives it to Charity
source : youtube screen grab

Spooner donated her pizza price to the homeless on their community. She gave it to Covenant House Michigan, an organization that helps homeless and nonprofit youth in their community, to reach out from those who are in need in their area. Keeping the pizza for herself, she said, will just ruin up her diet, and the reason why she picked the organization near to their area is for her to see the changes on how it may contribute to their community. She wanted to see if she really made changes for good by giving her blessing per see to the needy and less fortunate.

“I could tell it would actually make a difference. I would actually see people who benefited from it. They were really sweet, warm, and welcoming.” Spooner said.

Everyone is very happy on Spooner’s generosity. Thus, some people are really concern on their society and wanted to make good things without showing self-centeredness.

Watch the video below.

source: youtube

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