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Humans, Still a Preferred Choice For Pizza Delivery Than Drones

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Technology really changes and improved our everyday life. From cooking, eating, sleeping, washing the plates, watering the plants, everything involves technology. However, there were some instances that technology must be used with a limit, especially for quality works where machines are not reliable enough to do the things of a man.

In Aukland, New Zealand, where people love pizza so much, do not trust drones for pizza deliveries. Drones, in a short definition, are flying robots working via GPS control. Recently, Domino, a company working with Flirty, successfully delivered a pizza via drone and aiming for a drone-sky for future transactions.

“Our enabling laws and regulation mean we have the ideal environment,” Transport Minister Simon Bridges boasted after the successful pizza drop.

Drones are legally authorized in New Zealand for this experiment and sighted that this could really help a lot to make the work of everyone at ease. However, issues were heard from a survey about the failure of drones for a quality service. It is not about the regulation of the country, but the trust of the people who wanted to avail the products.

The YouGov poll, the site who conducted the survey, reveals that only 37% have faith that their delivery would arrive undamaged.

drone-pizza-survery-result Humans, Still a Preferred Choice For Pizza Delivery Than Drones
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Only a third of them believed that the pizza would arrive on time and delivered flawlessly. The other two-thirds preferred that pizza must be sent by a human instead of a flying robot to ensure the quality of the said delivery.

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On the upcoming days, US will release a new regulation which will allow for drones to be upgraded. It is to ensure that they will be properly doing their function without failures or discrepancies. This only shows that somehow, human service is still the best option for a well-made task.

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