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Find Out Why Now is the Right Time to Go to Mars

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Mars is the closest planet next to Earth. As the Earth’s Technology is on the right path of improvement in every single minute, the call for new discoveries became an easy adventure willing to take by every expeditor.

Star Trek: Voyager star Robert Picardo, upon realizing all the expeditions happened, ask about the Mars expedition. During 1968 to 1972, astronauts have been to the moon and stepped on it, but why they were not able to go along? To go further and explore Mars or to have a follow-up mission going to Mars.

Picardo’s questions were answered by Jeffrey Sheehy, the senior technology officer of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate, explicitly. Sheehy indicated that the said exploration is very doable even during the 70’s technology, but he also clarified that even if they can, it does not mean that they should. A travel to Mars would take very long enough unlike with the moon expedition. The shortest time to travel going to Mars would be 180 days where it can only be done when the two planets are properly aligned, but it is risky because of the challenges that might be encounter on the way. Aside from it, going to Mars and stepping on it would not be as easy as they know.

“You can’t come and go just anytime you want because of the energy expenditures required and the propulsion capabilities that would be needed,” Sheehy said.

The weightlessness in Mars could change the capability of whoever astronaut will be send, just like Kjell Lindgren, who spent 141 days on the International Space Station, who totally needed several days for adjustment. And just like him, the people that will be sending to Mars should stay for a while to put up the new technologies designed for it. Thus, they will be left on the said planet with an undefined number of days.

As Sheehy continue to describe how technology can be the basis for all of these explorations, he ended his explanation by saying that this will be the right time to go to Mars.

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From a source, it is been confirmed that’s NASA’s plan: Their Journey to Mars program calls for landing astronauts on an asteroid by 2025 and a trip to Mars by the 2030s, and this will be the time that a person from planet Earth will be again written in the book and considered to be the “First Man on Mars”, aside from all the robots already sent in that planet.

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