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Hiding His Identity by Eyeglasses, How Does it Work for Superman?

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Superman is known to be the strongest superhero in the making. Having the special power of strength, hearing and visual ability, and a lot of great weapons to defeat enemies made him the most powerful superhero of all time. But being a superhuman, he is also living his life as a man. Just like ordinary individuals, he is going to work, dealing with people, and creates friends while hiding his identity by wearing eyeglasses. A lot of us might really wonder and ask why he cannot be identified despite his lame disguise. This complaint had triggered researchers to look for answers on how could it be explained to everyone, about hiding one’s identity through eyeglasses and does it really work? Or is it just because of the story’s direction?

superman-in-disguise Hiding His Identity by Eyeglasses, How Does it Work for Superman?
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The official DC Comics explained that Clark Kent’s identity is hidden because of the hypnotizing beam through his eyeglasses with Kryptonite, which helps him to look far way to superman’s face. Kyle Hill, a writer of another site, also suggested another idea on how to explain it to the avid fan of the said superhero. He clearly indicated that science fiction could be more convincing and has a better way to explain how Clark Kent managed his pathetic disguise, it is because of Prosopagnosia.

superman-clark-kent Hiding His Identity by Eyeglasses, How Does it Work for Superman?
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“Prosopagnosia is a brain disorder that severely limits a person’s ability to recognize and remember faces. But just faces. Other areas of visual perception remain (mostly) intact. People with face blindness can read, drive, and even realize that what they are looking at is a face. They aren’t even all that socially disabled: They rely on voices, gaits, and typical clothes to identify people. But the ability to recognize a person from the face alone evaporates.”

Hill of Slate explained.

But in his version, some are not really convinced of the fact that Clark Kent’s friends have brain disorders why they were seeing Clark as no superman at all, or superman performed surgeries to them all so he can hide his real identity. It sounds quite disturbing but it does not end with that.

Robin Kramer and Kay Ritchie, both psychologists at the University of York, also studied the issue. They said that the disguise of Clark with eyeglasses is reasonable enough to hide his real identity. Based on their experiment, donning eyeglasses would really make your face dissimilar from having none. They compared photos with eyeglasses from having none of the same people and ask assistance from others to identify the difference.

However, it was been confirmed that is only applicable for the people rarely seeing each other. “In real terms, glasses would not prevent Lois recognizing Clark is, in fact, Superman as she is familiar with him,” Ritchie said in a statement from a source. “For those who do not know him, however, this task is much more difficult, and our results show that glasses do disrupt our ability to recognize the same unfamiliar person from photo to photo.”

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On these findings where none of them are perfectly sure, the mystery behind Superman’s disguise as an ordinary civilian and as Clark Kent wearing eyeglasses is about to be identified sooner, with a perfect reason and a reasonable conclusion.

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