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How Swift is Taylor Swift When it Comes to Love

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As media has always something new to say every second, Taylor Swift’s name became a talk of the town again. Recently, Taylor’s breakup with Calvin Harris caused a lot of controversies on why their relationship ended and moved on so fast with Tom Hiddleston.

The 26 years old singer/songwriter is said to be dating with the 35-year-old actor after 2 weeks of confirmed breakup with Harris, her 18 months boyfriend. They have first seen together on June 14 when The Sun published photos of the two kissing and holding each other’s hand on the beach in Rhode Island. However, news trended earlier that Taylor and Tom are no longer together after 3 months in a relationship.

A lot of gossips are now surrounding the said issue. Many believed that the reason why Taylor ended up the relationship is because she does not want it to be displayed in public. A rumor says that Tom wanted Taylor to be with his side during Emmys red carpet debut, where she was not literally comfortable. She was used to keeping her love life privately, just like her all previous relationship.

Taylor’s list of hot and famous ex-lovers became a talk of the town again, as Tom Hiddleston added on it.

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She was known to be as swift as her name in terms of changing boyfriends which counted for months only, and all her songs were known to be a dedication for them. Her blank space will always have the area for a new love. Though the breakup with Tom is still amicable, as per a site, the surprise is yet to come for the only one Taylor Swift.

True love might really be hard to find for Taylor. Oh well, let’s just wait for her new song!

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