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Meet the Girl with an Extraordinary X-ray Vision

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Meet Natasha Demkina, the girl with a medical vision, like literally.

Natasha was just a normal Russian girl with a normal vision, not until she was ten years old. She was at home with her mother when suddenly she had a strange vision- she could see the insides of her mother’s body.

From then, many individuals have been seeking medical consultations from her. She examines her patient from head to toe and makes medical diagnosis through her visional check-up. She can list the abnormalities of a body using her beyond normal eyes. Her strange medical skill quickly spread in her hometown and consequently, in other parts of the globe.

She was invited by different countries to support her claim. In 2004, a Discovery Channel documentary made her examine a woman who was a victim of a car crash. Apparently, she positively identified all the fractures and metal pins in the woman. Many researchers then want to ultimately prove her one of a kind skill. In the same year, she was brought to the US for her skills to be tested. Most of the people that were personally checked by Natasha were amazed of her accurate diagnosis. However, some researchers were not impressed by her skills and concluded that she may be simply using a simple method of cold reading which is commonly used by fortune tellers, psychics, and astrologers. On Natasha’s side, she argued that some experiments very a little vague, leaving her confused to determine the medical history of the patients.

Brian Josephson, a Nobel prize winning physicist, came to support Natasha’s side and expressed the kind of plot made by some researchers to discredit the girl’s claimed psychic.

source : youtube

There may be some praises and criticisms with her odd vision skills, but surely she has something that normal people don’t possess.

Currently, she is living up to her vision and helping the people in her homeland with her x-ray diagnoses.

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