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River in Russia Turns Red, Is this a Miracle? Or It’s Something Else

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Our planet might really change. Unlike before, there were really things that we can no longer explain. Climate change and global warming are some of the serious issues that literally we cannot solve with just a snap of a hand. Nature surprises us from time to time and indulges everyone even long before, but it has limitations.

Recently, Daldykan River in Russia turns red for an unexplainable reason. This river flows through the industrial city of Norilsk above the Arctic Circle. From its usual blue-green color, it changed into bright red over the last couple of days that made people wonder. As of the moment, this scenario was not yet identified thought there were theories came up to give an explanation.

An Instagram post from user @basalyga_katerina_nl

First, it was been speculated that the red color is coming from the minerals in the said area; namely iron, a red color mineral which naturally occurs on the ground of the region. Therefore, it is a natural color from beneath.

Next on it is the chemical leak from the mining and smelting company near the river, the Norilsk Nikel Company. Waste pipes might have damaged that caused nickel to be mixed with the water of the river.

However, those findings are just speculations which have not yet proven by the authorities. Norilsk Nikel also offered their help to conduct investigations to clearly identify the said issue, but they denied that it is because of the leaks from their waste pipes.

The ministry has been aware because of the social media post that trended online, but the authorities are still in the process of gathering information to clearly identify the main cause of the problem. People living near the area were not shocked on this happening. They already saw the river turns red before and it is no longer a big issue to them.

Somehow, despite the rumors coming out, the most valid source is still the target to be found out. Either it is because of the company’s waste or naturally been produced, it can be considered as a sign that our nature should be cared and valued by the people who are its beneficiaries.

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