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Case Closed: “Ghost” of the Victim Solved Own Killing

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On February 21, 1977, someone called the fire department to report a fire happening in an apartment on the 15th Floor of 2740 N. Pine Grove Ave in Chicago. After putting out the fire, authorities found something more disturbing than just a plain fire accident.

A body covered with the mattress was found. It was the corpse of Teresita Basa, lying naked and dead.

Teresita Basa was a respiratory therapist from the Philippines, who migrated to the United States to live a normal life. She was living in her apartment all by herself. But on one ill-fated day, her life was brutally ended.

teresita-basa Case Closed: "Ghost" of the Victim Solved Own Killing
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With few pieces of evidence on hand, the case went cold. There were limited leads for the case to progress. However, a turn of event happened when the detective handling the case received a note to call someone named Dr. Jose Chua. Little did they know that it was the way to solve the murder case of Teresita Basa.

allan-showery-murder-teresita-basa Case Closed: "Ghost" of the Victim Solved Own Killing
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Dr. Jose Chua claimed that her wife, Remy Chua, also a respiratory therapist, was possessed by the spirit of the victim. He stated that his wife had been going into some trances. Through Remy Chua, the killer was discovered. It was Allan Showery, a 32-year-old man, working at the same hospital where Basa was assigned. With high hopes to solve the case, police went to Showery’s house. The relatives of the victim also confirmed that the jewelry worn by the wife of Showery was Teresita’s. At first, the suspect denied the allegations but soon admitted the brutal murder.

He was set to be imprisoned for fourteen years for murder and additional four years for arson and burglary. Some claimed that the Remy Chua may not have been really possessed by the victim, but was a witness who heard some of the suspect’s plans.

Whether it be a normal or a paranormal way of leading to the suspect, the spirit of Teresita Basa has now finally rested in peace.

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