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Cheated Wife Wrote to Husband’s Mistress, Gets Last Laugh

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There is nothing more horrifying in a married woman’s life than the impending threat of a cheating spouse. The reason is that most everything else in a life of a married couple can be fairly handled by the efforts of both spouses such as, losing a job, a parent, sickness of a child or relative and even overlooked marital finances. All this things can relatively be fixed for they have solutions as long as both spouses work hand in hand.

But an affair changes so much of the relationship that is destroying the very foundation of marriage. Normally, the cheated spouse simply breaks down, cry and files for divorce. But not this feisty and aggressive wife.

The following is an example where in a strong hearted wife gets the last laugh when she discovered her husband’s infidelity. In light of the Ashley Madison scandal, an illicit affair is once again the focus of this article.

Read her letter below.

wife-writes-letter-to-husbands-other-woman Cheated Wife Wrote to Husband's Mistress, Gets Last Laugh
source : shareably.net

Cheating in whatever form on a loved one is never acceptable and no person should have to experience the pain of being torn apart by reason of an unfaithful spouse. This viral post of a cheated wife to his husband’s mistress , however, is not your usual reaction. Thumbs up to this spirited woman.

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