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Obese Son Dramatic Comeback Shocked His Family

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Lucas Irwin was 25 years old- obese and depressed. He was very addicted to all kinds of sweets and junk foods. But on December 2012, he vowed to himself to make a drastic body change.

Since he was living on his own, far from his father and stepmom, he kept his ultimate weight loss journey a secret. He even sacrificed meeting his family on summer and waited until the right time to give them the best and most shocking holiday gift ever.

Lucas completely changed his lifestyle and his eating habits. Social media has been a great part of his weight loss journey, especially the Reddit ‘LoseIt’ online community. He followed a very strict diet and logged all the foods he ate. He walked 5 miles every day.

For 1 year, he kept his promise. From 300 pounds, he is now ready to face his family at 170 pounds!

In the video, Lucas surprised his family during Christmas season. You can see how his father was in utter shock when Lucas came down from the stairs, while his stepmom couldn’t hide her astonishment. He sounded like Lucas, but don’t look like Lucas!

source : littlethings.com

Lucas’ impressive weight loss depicts great self-motivation and self-love.

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