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Man Vs Great White Shark Battle, Caught on GoPro

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Sharks are the scariest thing we can ever imagine when we are on the water, for a swimming may be. They seemed hungry all the time and humans are their favorite foods. No wonder that they are called as the ‘killers of the ocean’.

A video gone viral online when Tyler McQuillan, a 22 years old college student, was seen fighting a Great White Shark to save his life.

They were out for a spear-fishing that time, and Tyler, together with his friends, had chosen Santa Barbara coast of California as their location. To make their adventure documented, Tyler had covered it via GoPro and captured every moment on the video. On a 10-feet water, he did not expect to meet something underneath. Something bit his right feet and though that it was just a friend who was doing a prank on him. As he turned around, he accidently dropped his spear as he panicked momentarily when he saw the hungry Great White Shark aiming to serve him for food.

It was been his lucky move to get the spear back again. The shark returned and targeted his head but he was able to stab it with the spear. As it returned again, Tyler did the same and for sure made the big killer hurt. The shark then leaves his sight and Tyler swam backward up to the shallow part of the water.

As he was able to release on the water, Tyler found out that the shark almost cut his two toes. Lucky as he was, only the toes got broken and he can still walk well.

source : youtube

After the horrible occurrence, Tyler feels thankful about getting the braveness he had that time. The spear showed how the breathtaking scenario happened as the shark’s blood was still on it, making him remember the great fight.

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