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This New Coffee Brew Will Make You Awake For 18 Hours

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For coffee lovers, there will be no other thing tastier than a coffee in a whole wide world. Usually, ordinary coffee lovers sipped up coffee once a day for breakfast as it will help to boost their appetite, and others are to keep themselves stay awake for a night.

Recently, a great news came out for our coffee lovers in town. Baristas in Australia have created a brew that was so strong to keep you awake for 18 hours. Yes, you heard it right, 18 hours fully alive and energetic. The said coffee is a combination of four espresso shots, two different strengths of cold brew, and milk. They eventually named the coffee as “Asskicker”.

18-hours-awake-Asskicker-coffee This New Coffee Brew Will Make You Awake For 18 Hours
source : womenshealthmag

Asskicker has been a winner for its caffeine content as it has 17 times more caffeine than a large coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts, 10 times more caffeine than a Venti brew from Starbucks, nine times more than a Red Eye from Starbucks, a whopping 80 times more than a straight shot of espresso, or any other coffee mixes will not match on it. It is even said to have a side-effect on the health of the drinkers as it has 5,000 milligrams of caffeine, whereas the recommended consumable amount for a human body is 400 milligrams for an adult in a day.

As it was clearly a high-in-caffeine coffee, it can cause the same effect to a human body as it was. Asskicker is expressly designed to be sipped over a period of four hours, still could cause some serious issues like nervousness, irritability, cramping stomach, a racing heart, and literally, insomnia.

Despite the leveled up mixtures of coffees, coffee lovers will still choose the one that kicks their heart and flesh, and literally enjoy no matter what the side effects might be to their very own body. Everything will depends on their tolerance as drinkers.

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