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Meet The Tortoise Who Solitary Save His Clan From Extinction

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Keeping the species of tortoise are such a huge responsibility for concerned people, especially that man-made activities were also the reason why some of these species vanished. To found something that heroically saves these endangered species are simply flattering, and to know that he also belongs to that kind too is quite amazing.

Meet Diego, an Espanola giant tortoise (Chelonoidis hoodensis), 80 kilograms, 90 centimeters long, 1.5 meters tall, and is estimated to be well over 100 years old who save his species from getting extinct. Recently, he has been credited with almost single-handedly saving his entire species by incorporating to reproduce over 800 offspring that are now in their natural habitat.

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Diego’s started to reproduce and save his species back in 1960 where there were only 14 wild tortoises – 2 male and 12 female. He repopulated the island with most of his offspring and out of 2000 breeds found and released into the wild, 40 percent of it was fathered by Diego. It only showed that he and her mates really been reproducing and successfully cared their offspring to live even before captive breeding.

Diego represents success on his challenge, as not all Galapagos tortoise species have been so lucky to spread their own race. Reports said that there are 15 known species of tortoise in the archipelago, and two have already vanished, including Chelonoidis Abingdon. It went extinct in 2012 after the last surviving member, a tortoise named Lonesome George, refused to mate in captivity during his 100-year-long lifespan. Diego’s sexually activeness really contributes so much to his kind, as it will help all of them to exist over centuries.

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