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Swift Action of School Bus Driver Saves Children From Burning Bus

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Our job is our obligation. Renita Smith, the Maryland school bus driver loves everything about her job and meeting a lot of different people every day simply makes her learn more about customer service, and enjoyed every piece of it.

Recently, a horrific accident happened to Smith’s bus while they were on their way with the children to their respective homes. Smith was transporting the children, ages 4 to 9, from Robert Goddard Elementary School and Glenarden Woods Elementary School to their homes in College Park, Maryland, just before 5 p.m. After her third drop-off, she felt something bad about the brake and found the indication of a mechanical trouble.

Smith reached the stop sign and she started to smell a smoke from the bus itself. When she got the radio to call someone for assistance and looked in her rearview mirror, she saw the fire. The children were also telling her about the smoke that they have seen. Smith then took the initiative to save her little passengers. She swiftly unbuckled her safety belt and led the children out of the bus. Neighbors of the subdivision also lend a help to secure all the children from the horrible occurrence. Smith returned inside and checked if there were no other kids left and run after confirmation.

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Smith has her 18-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter who were grateful that nobody was harmed in the incident when they saw it in the news. Moms of the children were also thankful to Smith for acting fast to save their babies.

Driving a school bus since 2014 makes Smith happy, she even considers her passengers as her babies and must be cared off. Because she loved her job, she will never stop doing it no matter what obstacles that she might encounter ahead.

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