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Can You Take A Plane Ride,.. With A Blind Pilot?

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There is no other way to ruin a person’s dream when he is really dedicated to reaching it. Age, time, and other factors can no longer be the reason to stop aiming things, even blindness.

Pilots are said to be the sky-equipment drivers. They must be physically fit and are well-verse enough to the job before deploying a plane. But for Jim Platzer, it is not necessary as much as you are dedicated to what you are doing. He was forced to leave his job as a president of Fortune 500 Company after being diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition which results to loss his 95% vision. Despite his condition, he no longer wanted to give up other more things, especially his favorite hobby of all, flying and meeting up the sky.

Platzer, for the record, already has a license as a pilot. He was able to get a license before he was diagnosed with retinis pigmentosa, the disease causes the loss of his sight. Joel Pierce had tough him with all the navigations to master driving in the sky and he clearly said that he already have a complete set of dual controls and can orderly operate a plane.

Flying gives Platzer a life accomplishment. For him, being blind cannot stop him from driving plane because he can drive and he has the passion doing it.

source : youtube

Changes may vary a little but it does not mean that he should stop his life for a mere trial in his life. There will always be a lot of ways to do things, and it is up to people on what would be their ways to get it.

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