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This Popular Drink Have Ingredient That Can Cause Cancer

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Are you a daily drinker of soda? If yes, then you must be informed about the harm it may cause to your body.

Pepsi, the soft drinks giant, undergone various tests from the Center for Environmental Health and released test results showing that their products have presence of high levels of 4-Mel in its popular soft drinks in 2013. 4-Mel stands for 4-Methylimidazole, a compound that is formed in the manufacturing of caramel coloring, and is a known carcinogen. Pepsi denied the existence of the said chemical, and much to the danger it may cause to the consumers.

pepsi-causes-cancer This Popular Drink Have Ingredient That Can Cause Cancer

They have fought against complying with the California requirements to place a cancer warning label on the beverages to clearly indicate that it has carcinogens, which include not only Pepsi, but also Diet Pepsi and Pepsi One. Aside from it, they were also given an agreement to lessen the level of 4-Mel to an applicable level that could bring no harm to people. Pepsi is also required to test the soda using specific protocols prior to the California standards.

A 2014 Consumer Reports test showed that the 4-Mel in Pepsi exceeded again to the permitted level of 29 micrograms per bottle or can, which would mean that they violated the common law and consumer protection statutes in the state of California. A lawsuit accused Pepsi for not informing the consumer or to warn them about the carcinogen on it.

Coke-Pepsi-Soda-Drink This Popular Drink Have Ingredient That Can Cause Cancer

Despite the stated violations of Pepsi, Mintel and Leatherhead Food Research report has been used to clarify that the exposure of the Pepsi products do not really cause harm to consumers. The fact that the dangerous part of taking these sodas will only when a person can consume a bottle or a can, but other than this, they are safe from the carcinogen. So, this only means that it is not necessary to indicate it packaging.

After finding out that soda may cause cancer and obesity, the only way to avoid the possible risk that may affect consumers is to lessen the intake of it. Other than Pepsi, there are a lot of foods that may also cause harm when taken too much from the recommended level. Thus, it is an indication that it is consumers’ responsibility to be healthy and it’s up to consumers on how to discipline themselves to be out from risk. As a note, still ‘too much is really harmful’.

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