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People Cruel to Animals Beware! The FBI Will Track You Down

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Animal cruelties become a huge problem of the society. We cannot deny the fact that most animals experienced abuse from humans and were on a trauma unless being save by concerned citizens who valued their lives. They are all livings too; they feel hunger, pain, fear, and most of all, they may die.

The FBI in Chicago had seen the animal cruelty cases becoming rampant. Thus, they came to the point of finding out the problem behind the expanding issue. Statistics from the department showed that nearly 65% animal abusers also harmed humans, while 45% of those convicted prisoner who murdered humans also admitted hurting animals.

dog-cruelty-2 People Cruel to Animals Beware! The FBI Will Track You Down

This statistics started to build a conclusion. A lot of videos posted online showing animal abused and it’s been made by their owners. The pets were then trembling with fears and showed resistance to everyone. There were also cases where they just hurt by unknown individuals in the street and intentionally killed them.

cruelty-to-dogs People Cruel to Animals Beware! The FBI Will Track You Down

On these findings, the FBI decided to imply the law to abusers; either they hurt people or animals. They are allowing everyone to report to them any act of animal abuse which will undergo to their report system, just like the cases of murder and rape to humans. The scope of this action started from neglecting animals and letting them to die, physical or emotional abuse, organized abuse, and sexual abuse. Every abuse will be now properly investigated and will be brought to justice.

source : youtube

This initiative of FBI gives equality between people and animals. Its goal is also for the future, which will help to lessen the upcoming crimes by controlling it today. Thus, preventing animal crimes will also prevent human crimes. Besides, animals are all living things, with heart and mind, and can give genuine love to those will value them.

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