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Elderly Ice Cream Man Received A Lifetime Gift

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After a Good Samaritan posted a photo of an old ice cream man, 17, 000 people helped to raise more than $380, 000 as his retirement.

Fidencio Sanchez, 89, has been selling paletas for decades to support his family. He doesn’t mind the heat of the sun or the chilling cold and pushes his cart for several hours just to earn a living. Though he retired months ago, he came back after his only daughter died and his wife got ill. He is widely known in the community as someone who is hard working and thoughtful. And his good deeds were put into the spotlight when a well-wisher came across and saw him struggling in pushing his cart.

Fidencio-Sanchez-popsicle-man Elderly Ice Cream Man Received A Lifetime Gift
source : nbcnews

Joel Cervantes Macias, a restaurant owner, noticed the elderly Sanchez while he was driving through the Little Village in Chicago. The sight of Sanchez pushing his paleta cart broke the heart of Joel Macias. He bought 20 paletas for $50 and posted a photo of the old man with a caption,

“I respect this man to the fullest!”

The post became viral so he decided to create a GoFundme page to help Sanchez. In just two days, the page collected $115, 000.

On a Saturday morning, Sanchez knew of the crowd funding campaign for him and was very thankful for the gift of a lifetime. After days of raising funds, he was presented with his retirement check amounting to $384, 290. With the huge retirement he received from kindhearted individuals, Sanchez plans to reciprocate the kindness through sharing his money on Church donations.

Fidencio-Sanchez-popsicle-man-fund-raising Elderly Ice Cream Man Received A Lifetime Gift
source : nbcnews
Fidencio-Sanchez-retire-as-popsicle-man Elderly Ice Cream Man Received A Lifetime Gift
source : nbcnews

Though he already had the enough money to retire and fully enjoy life, he admitted that selling paletas has always been part of his life. He enjoys being out in the fresh air and selling paletas could still be part of his life; not for a living, but as recreation.

source : youtube

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