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Genetic Study Shows, Indigenous Australians Are Our Ancestors

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Meet your Ancestors, The Indigenous Australians.

In a very inclusive genetic study, it shows that Indigenous Australians are the oldest continuous civilization up to the present. The study explains that these society has been on Earth for 50, 000 years and they are the descendants of the first people to set foot on Australia.

Indigenous-australians-our-ancestors-1024x415 Genetic Study Shows, Indigenous Australians Are Our Ancestors
source : sciencealert

The DNA results showed that the most modern Eurasians came from one wave of migrants that migrated from Africa way back 72,000 years. The original migrants, Indigenous Australians, and Papuans split off and continued to travel across the sea. And 50,000 years ago, they arrived in Australia. The travelers were possibly the first ever humans to travel on the sea.

EskeWillerslev, an evolutionary geneticist at University of Copenhagen and one of the researchers of the study explained, “This story has been missing for a long time in science.”

Through an international team of scientists, the study started with sequencing the genomes of 83 Indigenous Australians and 25 Papuans, all from the Pama-Nyungan-speaking language cluster.

And to support the study, a medical school team from Harvard mapped the genomes of 300 inhabitants from 142 different populations around the world. The aim is to search for any genetic transformations related with the evolution of modern human traits. However, the researchers didn’t find one.

The results of the two initial studies were vague as to settle the issue of how they migrated out of Africa. However, a third study proved that there were at least two migrations out of Africa.

Luca Pagani, a biological anthropologist from the Estonian Biocentre, led the study to ultimately establish a number of migrations about 75,000 and 120,000 years ago.

Though the studies were convincing, there are some scientists who are unsure of the accuracy of the genetic timeline which makes the case of how humans migrated from Africa still open for debates and further studies. But one thing has been confirmed, Indigenous Australians were the first to dwell in the continent, making them the oldest society on Earth.

As what Joshua Akey, an evolutionary geneticist, says,

“Human history is this really fascinating and complex puzzle, and genetics can tell us about some of the pieces. It’s really important to integrate information from as many other disciplines as possible.”

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