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When Mom Becomes Dad and Dad Becomes A Mom

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Another extraordinary experience to see a family who is unique among any other families we use to meet everyday. Would you believe that a man delivered a baby? Well, there are explanations for this occurrence.

Fernando Machado gave birth to their first child four months ago with his partner Diane Rodriguez. They are both transgender where Fernando was born a woman, and Diane was born a man. The two found each other in love and decided to build a big family on their own.

transgenderFernando-Machado-Diane-Rodriguez When Mom Becomes Dad and Dad Becomes A Mom

This couples residing in Ecuador is the first transgender couple who gave birth in South America. Their baby does not have a name yet, but they promised to update the public once they have decided on what to call their bundle of joy.

Diane, at first, never though how would happy it feels to have a child. She never thought that she could be a mother despite being transsexual and surviving from all the trials she has been through after her gender confession.

transgender-Fernando-Machado-Diane-Rodriguez When Mom Becomes Dad and Dad Becomes A Mom

Diane was been abducted by her family and forced to live in the streets. The law of the state was also once their burden, as she cannot be considered as a woman unless castrated.

Fernando and Diane are now overjoyed. They even posted updates on their social media from the beginning of pregnancy up to giving birth.

transgender-Fernando-Machado-pregnant-575x1024 When Mom Becomes Dad and Dad Becomes A Mom
transgender-Fernando-Machado-pregnant-giving-birth When Mom Becomes Dad and Dad Becomes A Mom

The happiness they felt upon knowing that they were going to be parents were similar to any other couple who felt the excitement and the fear. This only shows that no one could ever suppress people if they are determined to do the things they wanted to do. Their family might be somewhat different, but just like any other families, they will surely be good parents to their child and for their children to come.

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