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Company Pays Employees $2000 For Vacation Leave Each Year

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Every man works, either, because of their passion or just to have money. Works limit us from doing anything. Our time has been taken in sitting inside the office whole day or to wherever we used to be assigned. Aside from that, it drained our energies and missed out some important moments.

Mark Douglas, CEO of the marketing and advertising company SteelHouse, found the initiative to help his team to be productive. After observing that employees from vacation became more productive than the other who stressed out themselves from work, he decided to pay his people to take a three-week vacation. Employees can either consumed it multiple times or blow it all at once.

beach-summer-vacation-1024x681 Company Pays Employees $2000 For Vacation Leave Each Year

The company will pay $2,000 a year for members to go anywhere in the world and enjoy. Once people return from their trips, they can submit their expenses for reimbursement up to the $2,000 budget, the additional amount (if any) will be shouldered by the employee. If they do not have the cash yet, they are allowed to use to company credit cards to book for tickets. Isn’t this amazing?

Since that this ‘policy’ talks about money, many were asking for a $2,000 bonus rather than to take a vacation. But Douglas was firm on it, if employees will not consume the vacation, then the budget for it will be wasted.

In the last three years, only five people out of 250 have left the company to avail the vacation. “We have virtually zero turnovers” Douglas said. They also found that people who come to work recharged tend to be more productive and efficient for their work compared to others.

Douglas is hoping that this could be implemented on many companies, too. No worries of trying because they have tested it already. He wanted that workers will have time for leisure and relaxation rather than expose their selves from responsibilities every day.

“It’s one thing to say ‘You have three weeks vacation,’ like most companies do,” he said. “It’s another thing to say ‘You have cash, and if you don’t go on vacation and spend this money, the money literally goes to waste.’ It’s another level of saying this is real.” Douglas said.

Because he was been on various companies before he became what he is today, Douglas clearly knows the importance of vacation to refresh someone’s mind to become productive.

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