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Are Aliens Already Here? Or They Are Avoiding Us ..

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The universe is so wide and we were not able to reach the bottom of it yet. We are not even sure if we have been halfway into it somehow, knowing that is endless and immeasurable. Because of this, we cannot ensure that we are the only one living in this galaxy. Science is into its endless explorations too, wondering what is ahead and is there really someone like us ahead.

Technology never stops on looking for ways to search for life other than us outside Earth. A lot of machines, radios, robots and etc. have been created to search for what we called “aliens” which really believe to be existing. But for how many years of searching, until now, why are we not able to communicate with them? Are they hiding from us or neglecting us? Or they don’t really exist, that is why our calls were not been answered.

aliens Are Aliens Already Here? Or They Are Avoiding Us ..

The Zoo Hypothesis developed by John Ball in 1973, initiating the possibilities as to why aliens have not got back to us, nor making any single sign to show their existence. This theory indicating that intelligent extraterrestrial does not contact life on Earth to allow for its natural evolution and development. They might withhold contact until humans force will be the one to contact first by possibly sending a spacecraft to planets they inhabit, to prove that humans are already capable enough of knowing them, that they really exist.

A Scottish astronomer named Duncan Forgan answered Ball’s wonder on his theory. Forgan decided to test the assumptions of Ball’s hypothesis rather than concluding to the hypothesis alone. On his assumption, Forgan has able to create two analyses: first, the possible agreement of intelligent extraterrestrial not to communicate with the “ancient” Earthlings. Second, the possibilities that our call might not reach them due to the distance that hindered.

Forgan created a computer program for his assumption. It emphasizes the two civilizations (Earthlings and aliens) that are far from each other through space. It greatly shows that messages would take million years to be received by them and to return back to us. Thus, it clearly shows why until now we still do not get any answer from them.

However, those are just assumptions and not yet proven by science. Still, aliens are the big question we are not able to manifest.

stephen-hawking Are Aliens Already Here? Or They Are Avoiding Us ..

Hawking makes one of the several assumptions about alien behavior to come to this conclusion: one– Aliens that explore the Galaxy in person do so because of their aggressive nature, or two– Intelligent beings only evolve from predators or naturally aggressive creatures, or three– Peaceful aliens do not explore the Galaxy

– Forgan said.

Despite the fact that a there are no evidence or proof of aliens existence, we still have to believe that there are someone with us in this wide universe where we are not able to explore the entire amazingly-made space yet. We might not see them, but it does not mean that they do not exist. Maybe they are just watching over us and just waiting for the right time to show up.

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