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Unaware Blind Mom, She’s Living With Son’s Skeleton For Years

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This news is just a very horrible part of goodbye, where a man died about 20 years ago and already became a skeleton until discovered in his very own home. Yes! 20 years.

Rita Wolfensohn just knew that his son was just in their home in Brooklyn. Wolfensohn, who is legally blind and a hoarder, thought that his son already moved 20 years ago and just never think of coming back.

blind-woman-Rita-Wolfensohn-dead-son-skeleton Unaware Blind Mom, She's Living With Son's Skeleton For Years

Recently, a fully intact skeleton was discovered in the house of Wolfensohn when she was sent to the hospital after suffered from a fall. Her sister-in-law Josette Buchman went into her home to collect some supplies and discovered the remains, fully dressed and lying on a mattress, in the second bedroom that was filled with various stuff.

blind-woman-dead-son-skeleton Unaware Blind Mom, She's Living With Son's Skeleton For Years

They reported it to the police. When the police checked the room, one officer described it as a garbage area, literally. No wonder that the smell of the decaying body can no longer be noticed because of some other decaying fruits inside it. However, police believed that the man died on a natural cause and not murdered or other than it.

When the police discussed about the incident, Wolfensohn never thought that he was there. She said they had talked 20 years ago telling that he will be moving out any day. Her son was a taxi driver, and since the day of their last conversation, she never expects that he was still with her, together with the stuffs she hoarded.

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