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A Teacher’s Unconditional Love, Gives Her Kidney To Student

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Helping others by sacrificing our own is a brave decision, especially when the person whom we are helping is not blood-related. Thus, it is a genuine sacrifice and must be given a gratitude that should be cared for a lifetime.

Natasha Fuller, an 8-year old second-grade student at Oakfield Elementary School in Wisconsin, suffered from prune belly syndrome, a rare birth defect marked by urinary tract problems and weak abdominal muscles. Her condition prevents her from schooling and made her stayed in the hospital for so long for her medication. She had undergone regular dialysis while waiting for a kidney donor to save her life.

Natasha’s family posted her condition into Facebook to ask for a help; a kidney donation. Her teacher Josi Schmidt saw the post and decided to lend a help to save the little girl’s life without a doubt, by giving her kidney to her. Schmidt went to the hospital for a test and luckily they were a perfect match!

kidney-donated-to-student-by-her-teacher A Teacher's Unconditional Love, Gives Her Kidney To Student

After the affirmative finding, Natasha was so happy and found herself a new hope from her favorite teacher. Schmidt and Natasha took the transplant operation and it was made successfully. Such then, Natasha had given time to fully recover.

Natasha returned to school and Schmidt feels happy for her improvement. Before the transplant, she can hardly do the things that other kids are doing. She was also limited from doing any activity and was forbidden to eat her favorite foods. Nowadays, a big change has been shown to Natasha. She can now play with others, eat the foods that she wants, and more active than before.

teacher-donated-her-kidney-to-student A Teacher's Unconditional Love, Gives Her Kidney To Student

Schmidt is hoping for Natasha’s more active years, which the kidney she gave will be Natasha’s armor to survive from anything. She only showed that nothing matters if a person really wanted to help and to save the life of others.

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