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2016 Best Halloween Costume Goes To… Miss Delaware, USA!

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Halloween may be the day of the dead but it never scared the hell out of people into flaunting their best during this season. Halloween season is popular because of creepy ad freaky stories but, is more popular because more and more establishments have been organizing costumes parties here and there.

This year, though Halloween may still be weeks away, the winner for the best costume had already been chosen.

Former Miss Delaware USA, a beauty queen, Kate Banaszak and her furry friend companion, an Irish wolfhound named Kellan wore the most excellent owner-pet costume tandem. Kate and Kellan dressed up as Wayne and Garth from the movie Wayne’s World. Kate said that she had a hard time brainstorming for any other options because she thought that Wayne’s World was so 90’s and retro.

miss-delaware-kate-ranzak-dog-kellan-won-halloween-best-costume 2016 Best Halloween Costume Goes To... Miss Delaware, USA!
The Dodo

She feared that people may not get what she’s trying to portray. However, because she really was a big fan of the movie, she decided to go with it. Kate dressed as Wayne with striped maroon long sleeves and a black bull cap with “Wayne’s World” printed on it, added with an inflatable electric guitar. Meanwhile, Kellan the big dog dressed in white shirt and blue long sleeves, with black thick-framed glasses and the trademark scruffy hair posed as Garth.

Wayne’s World is a 1992 American comedy film starring Mike Myers as Wayne Campbell and Dana Carvey as Garth Alvar, Wayne’s best friend. They host a public-access television show. A TV producer named Benjamin Kane, played by Rob Lowe bought the rights for their show and stole Wayne’s girlfriend Stacy played by Lara Flynn Boyle. Little did they know that Kane was just manipulating them for his own interest. Later on, Wayne and Garth struggled to save their show and get Stacy back from Kane.

Meanwhile, people reacted differently from the way Kate assumed they would do. On the social media, many complemented her. A certain Liz Martin said Kate is the funniest beauty queen ever. Another Becky Rappoccio posted that she was one funny lady and that the costume idea was epic.

People loved her costume and bragged her as this year’s Halloween’s best costume.

In fact, this isn’t the first time she teamed up with a dog. Last year, she had Kellan’s little sister Bella as her costume buddy.

image 2016 Best Halloween Costume Goes To... Miss Delaware, USA!
The Dodo

A round of applause for this creative lady.

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