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Research Showed, Women in Their 30’s Are More Sexually Active

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Sex is a word that may seem so slang for others, but definitely a part of our human existence. Human as we are, it is the human instinct to feel the need to fulfill our libido. According to Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist and the father of psychoanalysis, the sexual need is on the top of his pyramid of needs that needs priority.

We cannot deny the fact that more and more people engaged themselves in sexual activity. Though, we know all too well that the church is in contradiction with this activity. Even girls in their early age are now engaged in sexual activities. For most, they think that the younger, the more active and more eager they are for sex. However, there are various factors which affect the female libido. A research showed that women in their 30’s are more likely to engage in sexual activities, specifically, the obese ones.

sex-on-thirtys Research Showed, Women in Their 30’s Are More Sexually Active
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A team of researchers collected data from 254 women in their thirties. 40% of these women had sex at least twice a week; take note, that obese women were more likely to have sex at least thrice a week. The cross-sectional study aimed to identify factors which affect their coital frequency or how many times they have sex within a week. Factors included are sociodemographic, anthropometric, reproductive, clinical and relationship data.

One of the most convincing reasons why women have more sex in their thirties is the fear of menopause. The creeping footsteps of menopausal stage trigger women in this stage to live their sexual life to the fullest, since they may not be able to enjoy it anymore as they come into the stage of losing their sexual craving and fertility. This is the stage where the female libido is at its peak. Seeking for commitments, marriage and children are some of the side reasons why women in their thirties seem to be more active in engaging in sex. Luckily, this is the stage where most people tend to find stable relationships.

Many may describe a girl fit for bed with big boobs, slim waist, big butt and a beautiful face, but who knew that big body may also be one of them?

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