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Woman Caught on Fire During Surgery and the Cause… Her Farts!

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According to The Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese Newspaper, a woman in her thirties, whose name was not mentioned, caught fire after farting during her laser operation. She was undergoing a laser surgery on her cervix at the Tokyo Medical University Hospital in Shinjuku Ward last April 15.

fart-cause-fire-during-woman-operation-1024x576 Woman Caught on Fire During Surgery and the Cause... Her Farts!

In the middle of the operation, while the doctors focused the laser on her cervix, she suddenly passed gas which leaked into the space of the operation room. Her intestinal gas ignited with the irradiation of the laser. Eventually, the fire spread and reached her surgical drape. A great portion of her body was set on fire. The lower part of her body was the most affected.

Bizarre at may seem, an external committee was formed to investigate the incident. According to the report of the committee, there was no flammable materials present at the time of the operation and all the machines and operation equipment were functioning well.

According to experts, intestinal gas is made of compounds such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and methane. A small portion of bacteria from the intestine causes the foul smell when we fart. The nitrogen and methane compounds make it somehow flammable. However, it is of very rare occasion that an actual fart causes a great fire. They said that the woman may have been on a strict diet before the operation which caused more concentrated methane on her intestines.

fart-cause-fire Woman Caught on Fire During Surgery and the Cause... Her Farts!

Farting is a normal bodily function. In fact, there are various health benefits when you pass that gas out. If you’re feeling bloated after a meal, unreleased gas may be one of its culprits. When you let gas escape from your tummy, it’ll make you feel better, reducing the bloat instantly.

It is also good for your colon since releasing the gas will prevent medical troubles in the future. Remember that holding it for too long may cause an upset stomach. Farting is one of the inescapable truths of human existence, and we cannot deny the fact that it is a normal process of our body. It’s just that what happened to the Jap woman was one of the rarest events in the history of humanity.

Life is indeed full of surprises.

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