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A New Birth Control Pill is Coming, and It’s For Males

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When a sperm enters a woman’s reproductive system, it will seek its partner, the egg cell. When the sperms find the egg, one lucky cell will be able to penetrate and enter the egg cell’s membrane. What happens next is the fertilization, forming a new life. This will be the stage of pregnancy.

For some, pregnancy is a celebrated miracle and a gratifying blessing, but for some, this is an unfortunate event. Unplanned pregnancy rates have gone higher as technology and the internet exposes youths of this generation to explicit content materials. This is why, as early as high school, these young people are taught of family planning, not to push them into doing sexual activities but to educate them about the consequences and how to prevent early pregnancy.

One of the most effective and mainstream forms of prevention is contraception. The most common and cheapest contraceptives are the pills and condoms. When you say contraceptive pills, we all know that it refers to women. Women take pills to prevent ovulation, thus preventing any pregnancy to form. Recently, scientists have been able to formulate a pill for males. You heard that right, a male pill.

male-birth-control-pill-1024x768 A New Birth Control Pill is Coming, and It's For Males

Scientists at the University of Wolverhampton’s Molecular Pharmacology Research Group have discovered a peptide with chained amino acids that can penetrate cells. These peptides serve to slow down, better yet to stop the movement of sperm cells. One professor at the university named John Howl said that the compounds penetrate the sperm and create an instant effect.

The effects are observable just within a few minutes. By altering the motility of the sperm, the compound could be useful for both IVF and contraception. Dr. Sarah Jones, one of the researchers, said that they are basically designing a peptide that could modify the physiology of the sperm. Sperm is impermeable, but with the help of the peptide compounds, they are able to penetrate into its intracellular level. As of now, there are no observed negative effects yet.

There were previous attempts to develop a male pill; however, it had been unsuccessful due to irreversible effects on the male hormones. Hopefully, this one would become a success and may be benefitted by hundreds and thousands of people.

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