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Human Rights, For All? or For Those Who Deserved?

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What is Human Rights?

By reading just these two words, it can simply be defined with the words itself. We, human, have a legal right written in a book, and in ourselves. We clearly know that other than the laws, we have given the right to live.

Upon seeing the news on our respective televisions and social media, we have notice that issues about killings became rampant. Wars, murders and suicides, forbid people to live. Does it also mean that their rights were taken away from them? Or it’s just a consequence with some other matters.

philippines-duterte-war-on-drugs-1024x713 Human Rights, For All? or For Those Who Deserved?
source : IBTimes

When Mayor Duterte became the president of the Philippines, his critics never left him and made serious allegations that injured not just the highest officer of the country, but the country itself.

duterte-philippine-human-rights Human Rights, For All? or For Those Who Deserved?
source : CNN Philippines

Human rights is universal as its aim is to assist the oppressed and convict the oppressor. Yes, it should be practiced in all country as a general rule. But all general rules have exceptions.
Historian Barbara Tuchman noted,

“Humanity may have common ground, BUT needs and aspirations vary according to circumstances.”

The appreciation of human rights is ended as soon as human development is halted. Sad to say, that is what is happening in the Philippines right now. Advocates preach shallow human rights on a sternly lopsided Philippine politics, that has undersized human development.

President Duterte promised to clean up the Philippines from the dirt of illegal drugs and corruption within 6 months, the war for a drug-free nation became bloody. Policemen were task to obtain all the drug addicts, users, pushers, and drug lords to surrender, or else, kill. They even created a plan where all the drug addicts houses will be knock and advice to surrender, but some of them were killed because of refusal.

source : youtube

At this point, the family of the victims who insisted that their killed family members are innocent, gained sympathy from the citizens and claimed that all the allegations were not true. Thousands have already been killed; most of them were brutally shot and murdered with unknown suspects, and the administration of President Duterte pointed out to be blame.

Many are against to the Philippine President approached to stop drugs. They considered these acts as inhumane. Do these really mean that the Human Rights of victims were taken?

Human Rights must be implemented internationally. Every country must protect their people from the abused and chaos. However, the strategies of President Duterte had never, shall we say, taken the rights of the people away. Why? Because as what he had said, he will never let anyone destroy his country, and drugs and corruption is destroying it, so these must be controlled or stopped.

Human rights are for everyone, for the good people who value the life others. Thus, drugs are destroying the lives of a man, and a man can destroy the lives of others because of addiction. Rape victims in the Philippines can no longer be count with our own fingers, and these cases caused by suspects who were drug users. Even infants became a victim of a horrible addiction, whereas, they are the upmost priority for the rights! So, where did the rights go? To the destroyers who claimed to be innocent.

Rape-Slay-Suspect-victim-by-drug-addicts Human Rights, For All? or For Those Who Deserved?
source : Philstar

Human rights are the equality of people, personal development, and economic growth. Without these elements, we can never say that human rights have been fully established. However, a lot of tongues without eyes, gather to diminished the human rights been built. That even the lives of good individuals were being risk just to value the lives of those people who do not care.

If only countries were drug-free, corruption-free, and economically growing, there will be equality for everyone. If only selfish people can have the sincerity to think for others lives, there shall be no killings. If only powerful people with lots of gold will learn to give for the poor, there shall be no hunger and crimes. So now, how will you define human rights?

It is nothing to do with the killings, it is about the changes it may bring for the future generations. How can condemn a person who only wanted changes for his fellowmen? Human rights violators are those who do not value the life of the good citizens who aimed to have a good life for their families, and those who were complaining about the upcoming changes that will cleanse the immorality of the world.

philippines-country-happy-children-1024x433 Human Rights, For All? or For Those Who Deserved?
source : children.org

It may be a sensitive issue, but let us open our heart and mind for those who badly needing a greener place to live. We are not the one who matter, but our upcoming children who might no longer witness a happy life. Let us be fair and be sensitive on the brighter part of the chaos. Let us accept that change is really coming, by that, human rights will be fully gained by those who deserved.

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