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A Hairdresser Mom and a Baby with Head Full of Hair

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A baby is a great wonder, a bunch of joy, a big happiness trapped inside a little body. Chelsea Noon, a thirty-two year old mom gave birth to a healthy, bouncing, ten-pound baby boy at Brighton General Hospital. The baby named Junior Cox-Noon was not just another baby conceived and delivered into the world.

He is a great wonder. Why? Because he was born with his head full of hair. Yes, that’s right. He was born with a head full of hair, just like what an adult looks like. What’s even startling is that his mom was actually a hairdresser. A hairdresser mom and a little boy with loads of hair on his head, isn’t it a perfect match?

LongHairBaby A Hairdresser Mom and a Baby with Head Full of Hair
Source: newsiosity.com

Noon said that she did not realize how much hair her son had until she began to bathe him. Junior came out with loads of hair. The midwives and health visitors said that it would eventually fall off because baby hair usually comes out when they rub their head on the back of the cot, but he has not lost any of it and it has grown.

From her usual forty minute shopping routine, it now takes her two hours to go out of the grocery in Asda. Junior attracts attention as they go shopping.  People would look at his hair in awe and would even touch it out of cuteness. The little Junior doesn’t mind the draw of attention at all.

In fact, he loves it when people surrounds him and puts on a little show. The people are always asking if she would cut his hair, but she’d rather not because it’s too unique to cut. When Noon would put on a hat on his little boy’s head, he would get irritated. She styled Junior’s hair to a bouffant and everyone wants to touch it.

Junior’s other siblings were not born with the same hairy state but she did mentioned that while being pregnant of Junior, she experienced heartburn. Study at John Hopkins University in the U.S backed up the old wives’ tale that the more heartburn a pregnant woman has, the hairier the baby will be as researchers followed 64 pregnant women and found out that 78 percent of them experienced heartburn.

As it turned out, 28 women with reported moderate to severe heartburn, 23 had babies with average to above-average amounts of hair. The reason may be the high level of oestrogen that caused the heartburn, the same hormone that affects the fetal hair growth.

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