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“Wake Up Baby!” Chilling Words from a Baby Monitor Hacker

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As parents, we always want what is best for our children. We want to provide all their needs and give them the best there is to offer in life. One of the most essential things that we want to provide for them is security. Now, how would you feel if there is anyone who would try to harm your sons and daughters? I guess you will definitely panic and burst into lots of emotions.

In Cincinnati, Ohio, a couple was left alarmed after hearing someone over the baby monitor of their little child last April 2014. Heather and Adam Schreck woke up in the middle of the night to the chilling sound of a man screaming “wake up baby!” Their little daughter Emma, ten month old was at the other room and was being monitored through a wireless camera baby monitor. The Foscam IP Camera is a wireless device that syncs with cellphones. The camera stream links to the cellphone so parents can keep an eye on their child without having to carry a separate monitor.

Heather saw the camera moved erratically, when it is only meant to move if following the child or someone walking in the room. It was then that they’ve realized that the baby monitor had been hacked. After realizing that the monitor had been compromised, Adam rushed to his daughter’s room. The camera moved from Emma to him. The hacker then screamed foul words against Adam. Adam then quickly unplugged the monitor. Chilled and petrified, the couple approached the manufacturer of the baby monitor and complained about the hack.

Experts say that camera hacks have been common on computer laptop webcams and that internet-connected device in household is an easy way for intruders to compromise your safety. It was found out that the Foscam IP Camera had firmware troubles thus, making it an easy target for hackers to get into the system.

They never caught the intruder, as well as how long he had been watching the nursery. As parents, they felt like they have been violated for what happened, especially their little Emma.

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