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Chinese Construction Worker Pierced From Shoulder to Waist, Miraculously Survived

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We are beings with only one life to live; we take good care of it as not to waste our one precious life to unworthy instances. But, accidents are just in the corner. Accidents are here and there; unavoidable, unpredictable. Most people say that luck is the best defense in surviving an accident. Do you believe in luck? This guy sure caught an ocean of luck when he was born.

Last November 29, 2016, a six-foot long lightning rod pierced through the body of a Chinese builder. A Feng, a 28-year-old builder was working at a construction site in Huizhou city that afternoon when the rod spiked his body, wounding him from his shoulder down to his waist. The lightning rod fell from above the construction site. The rod was said to have fallen from the seventh floor above.

He was immediately rushed to the Huizhou First Hospital for treatment. Lucky for this man, he was still conscious and able to talk as people brought him to the hospital.

Dr. Yang Wendong, Huizhou First Hospital’s head of cardiothoracic surgery said that A Feng was a man “born with luck” as there were no major blood vessels that have been damaged. However, the medical team had trouble placing the patient on the bed since the rod was too long. They had to request fire fighters for help to cut down the rod down to 3 feet before starting the operation.

The operation lasted for two hours. They removed the rod by simply pulling it from the man’s body. In fact, it only took two to three minutes to remove the rod; the remaining time was allotted repairing the organs that were wounded. The steel rod had pierced through his abdomen, liver, and kidney. It also pierced through his lungs; luckily it was just the outer surface of his lungs that has been touched. Though the operation lasted for two hours, patient’s blood loss was reported as minimal.

On Monday, Dr. Yang said that A Feng’s condition is now stable. There is an only minor infection in his waist but Feng is now able and has started to eat.

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