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Samsung Electronics Chair, Lee Sang-Hoon, To Face 18 Months in Jail

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Lee-Sang-hoon Samsung Electronics Chair, Lee Sang-Hoon, To Face 18 Months in Jail

To what degree you want to climb the high mountains and reach the skies for your ambitions and dreams? How far would you go to accomplish those dreams only to incarcerate yourself? Your clear answers would rest on how you acknowledged your motivations to drive for them.

The report from Margot Bafta in December this year 2019 pointed out the issue of the chair of Samsung Electronics. According to Bafta, Seoul Central District Court sentenced Lee Sang-Hoon for union sabotage and charged him for the 18 months in jail. The Seoul Central District Court gave a verdict that Lee Hang-Soon was guilt-ridden of overstepping South Korea laws associated with labor unions.

As well, Bafta continued to report that twenty-four Samsung employees faced the same issue. In other words, Samsung Electronics’s new and old employees faced the same charges of undermining union accomplishments and undertakings as well. In fact, some employees will pay fines; whereas, others will serve in prison sentences.

Corporate leaders of Samsung Electronics and their constituents dishonored the labor laws by threatening the employees to cut employees’ pays and to use private and subtle information of the employees to make them leave the unions. Even the executive vice president of Samsung Electronics named Kang Kyung-Hoon, he would face the same sentence for 18 months.

Furthermore, the case for Samsung electronics sprang from 2013. It happened when Lee Sang-Hooh, who was the chief financial officer (CFO), stopped their employees from joining the labor unions. Lee Sang-Hooh and his constituents compelled these employees to stop them from linking and participating in the labor units at the company’s customer support center. Indeed, Samsung Electronics should learn from this experience.

According to the tech giant, the company needs to work on its mission and vision in relation to the labor unions to meet the expectations of society. Then, the company endeavors to construct a dynamic, forward-looking, and industrious labor-management rapport based on respect for all employees regardless of their interests. Perhaps, this lesson helps corporate leaders create a successful working environment.

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