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Splash Data Report: The Worst Passwords of 2019

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Do you think your social media accounts and other online transactions are safe and secure? Have you created strong passwords? Or you end up using the worsts passwords even until today.

Choose your Passwords Perfectly

You manage to create new passwords for all your social media accounts. You double-check them from time to time. However, you forget them due to complicated ones. So, you better make it simple so that you can remember them, don’t you? Now, you start to scramble the letters and the numbers whether alphanumeric or not.

Here come the letters, the numbers, and other key characters on the keyboard to make your password become strong. Again and again, you remember the easiest ones. So, you change them until you decide to have 123456, 123456789, qwerty 111, qwerty 123, iloveyou, 12345, password, 111111, admin123, and more. Now, the question comes shortly. Are all these passwords safe and strong?

Splash Data Report on the Worst Passwords

Records from Splash Data revealed the worst passwords every year. This report tries to analyze and evaluate millions of disclosed passwords on earth. According to this report, millions of computer users around the world use the worst passwords. by their computers. The emergence of Splash Data, which becomes the leading provider of password management applications, provides the list of the worst passwords of 2019. This year, Splash Data Report publishes the worst passwords revealing its top ten. Splash Data shares the following “Worst Passwords of 2019”:
1) 123456
2) 123456789 (up 1)
3) qwerty (Up 6)
4) password (Down 2)
5) 1234567 (Up 2)
6) 12345678 (Down 2)
7) 12345 (Down 2)
8) iloveyou (Up 2)
9) 111111 (Down 3)
10) 123123 (Up 7)

The Danger of Not Having Strong Passwords

SplashData reports reveal that computer users around the world must have strong passwords. For example, the choice of the password like “password” becomes common and popular like the password “qwerty.” Some passwords like “princess” and “welcome” did not appear anymore in the top 10 or top 20. However, some people who have “Donald” their passwords vanished in 2019. One theory is simple. Some people do not want to associate the name “Donald” as their password.

Now, SplashData suggests three tips to have a safer password from hackers online. Firstly, computer users can use passphrases of twelve characters. Secondly, they can use different passwords for logins so that hackers cannot get access to all your accounts. Thirdly, computer users can protect their personal accounts and assets by using a password manager. In this way, computer users can unify strong passwords and produce protected and safe random passwords so that they can log into websites mechanically.

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